“Last Run: Deck Looter Card Crawler” is a prototype of a fast-paced roguelike card game in the setting of good old action movies.

The hero in the last and hottest action scene has to fight his way through crowds of armed enemies, shooting right and left and fighting back with whatever he can. He also has to rescue hostages and save museum treasures. So run, shoot, and loot!

How to play

The playing field is divided into two parts: your cards at the bottom and enemy cards at the top. In the beginning, you have your character card (in the center) and two special action cards (one in each hand). You also have a backpack, where you can stack up to three guns or other items.

During your turn, you can shoot one of the enemies, use special actions (described on the cards), pick up a weapon or valuable items from the enemy's field. You can use first aid and ammo at once, or you can pick it up and put it into your backpack for later use.

Unneeded cards can be discarded: from your hand for free, from the enemy's field for an end of turn.

You can only use items that are in your hands. If you're unarmed, don't worry, you can always go melee. Not without consequences, of course.


“Last Run” was initially developed at the game jam with the topic “No Time To Explain”, which has ended on April 22, 2021. It seems the game turned out to be playable and I decided to develop it further.

There are core pillars of the game:

  • A card game without elves and fireballs dares to exist.
  • Card combat can be less conventional and able to provide some tactics...
  • ... and can convey a sense of pace and rhythm from action scenes of blockbusters too.
  • The card combination mechanics allows both the player and the enemy to grab and use different guns, armor, first aid kits, etc.
  • Random assigning weapon cards to enemies at the start reduces combat predictability and increases replayability.
  • If you need it loot it.

If you're interested in following the project or have suggestions, let me know on Twitter: @decklooter or e-mail: myasnick@gmail.com.


“Last Run” is developed with Godot Engine using assets provided under the Creative Commons License of various versions. All rights belong to their owners: Audio Library - Free Sound Effects, Google Fonts, FreeDesignFile.com, FreeSound.org, FreeVector.com, Icons8.com, IcoLabs / Noun Project, Kate Maldjian / Noun Project, Lee Mette / Noun Project, PikPng.com, roger castillejo olan / Noun Project, SVGRepo.com, Vectorportal.com, and others.

All music tracks have been provided by DEgITx under the CC BY 4.0 License.

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© MyasNick, 2021


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can't launch the game on chrome with win10. i don't have any extension installed

Thanks for the report, I’m going to fix the problem.


Interesting game, but I would recommend to make an in game tutorial.


Thanks for your feedback. Now it’s just a prototype. If one day it becomes a game, I’ll definitely make a tutorial.

Really liking the interface! Can you give any tips on how to make a good not-hearthstone-clone card UI and interactions like in your game?